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Conforming Social Scores

The Golf Australia Handicap System now provides the option for Club’s to accept Conforming Social Scores for handicapping purposes. A Conforming Social Score however must adhere to a number of criteria.  As such, GSM Golf Club members may submit Conforming Social Scores (CSS) when played at GSM Golf operated venues (Amstel Park Golf Course, Morack Public Golf Course, Ranfurlie Golf Course, St Andrews Beach Golf Course and Rosebud Public Golf Course) and when the stated criteria below has been met.

What constitutes a Conforming Social Score?

Golf Australia Handicap System states the following conditions will constitute a Conforming Social Score:

The player has nominated prior to playing a stroke on their first hole to be played that the score is to count for handicapping purposes and the number of holes they will play. If the round is played at the player’s Home Club, or is being controlled by the player’s Home Club, such nomination must be in accordance with the requirements of the Handicapping Authority of the player’s Home Club.
Prior to teeing off at a GSM venue, players must register their intention to submit a CSS by completing the registration form in the Pro Shop. Following the round, the player must return their signed (by player and marker) scorecard to the Pro Shop for handicapping.  In the event of a player not returning a completed scorecard, the player will be handicapped as a "No Score – Not Approved".

Please note GSM and Gunnamatta Clubs will only handicap Conforming Social Scores of current members only. GSM is not authorised to handicap conforming social scores from members of other Clubs (please refer to Home Club).

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